Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PACS 2010 - Team challenge - Totem

We're back.
The PACS convention was a GREAT experience for me. I loved few workshops - I learned new things and tried different techniques. Few workshops were nice & fun, but I didn't learn anything new and 1 workshop was terrible! But it was 1 out of 12, so it'
s not that bad.

Anyway - this is our centerpiece for the team challenge. We didn't win a prize, but it was fun to make, especially considering the fact that all the pieces came from 3 different countries, all had to fly to France...
We chose to be "the scrap fairies". We wore pink wings, crown & wand...

These pictures were taken at the morning after the crop night, when we put it all together:

Close up to the fairy house door:
Many people complimented us for our work (and some even asked us how come we didn't win). It was fun!

I appreciate your comments!
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