Saturday, December 21, 2013

New layout: Tiny

I need to print more pictures.
This picture was taken on July, when Koren was less than 3 months.
She's 8 months today **in love**
It's amazing how she grew - from a tiny helpless baby, to gorgeous **less helpless** baby ☺
The layout was inspired by sketch 236 @ Unscripted Sketches
Besides the vertical stripes, I added the picture horizontally, to "break" the vertical layout.
The picture was taken during the summer vacation, while I was in maternity leave. And since Yaara & Mor were also in "mommy camp" (☺) I tried to do something else each day. On that day, I took them to a forest nearby, had a small picnic for breakfast, and then each of us took pictures with her own camera... Like a "photography day"... It was nice ☺.
Appreciate your comments...

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