Saturday, April 27, 2013

New layout: How to spell Tooth Fairy?

This week was pretty incredible...
On Sunday morning I went to the hospital and came back on Tuesday, with our new baby girl :-)
I haven't done anything crafty this week (who has the time?) but I want to share a layout I created the week before - and didn't have the chance to post about...
Anyway - This, again, was done with my April counterfeit kit, and it's telling a story about me playing with Mor with letter cards. I asked her how to spell words, and she wrote it. Shirt, Glasses, Earrings, etc.. For each word she wrote - she pointed on the item that was described.. I took a picture after each letter, and knew I will create something to show the progress...
The first 3 pictures are showing her writing Fairy - and she pointed on her tooth that fell (probably few days earlier).
The lower picture shows the words "Mommy & Mor" and she does heart shape with her hands :-)
I knitted crochet heart & tooth for this layout and I'm proud of them! They make me smile.
Another interesting thing I did here was to color the Hebrew letters using my glimmer mists / inks, to match the splatter :-)

Other layouts with the kit:

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

New layout: Find the differences

During the last summer I worked from home a lot, mostly on August, because Yaara & Mor didn't have any other arrangement... It's always hard for me, with my full time work, to make them happy, satisfied and not "climbing on the walls" day after day... I have to work - lucky me I have the option to work from home - but they need my attention too... 
Anyway - I don't remember what made us look at this picture, but we decided to try and reproduce it:
I gave them shirts in similar colors. I looked for the same bedding sheet, but I guess it's too old and I threw it away during the last few years. I was the director: Yaara - smile and lift your left foot, Mor - take out your tongue... 

I used April 15 @ Stuck Sketches as inspiration for my layout.

This is the 10th layout with this kit. Here are the other 9... (the first layout link includes the papers I chose for current kit):

What do you think? Please share :-)
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

New layout: Out of the {bubble}

I'm excited to share this layout.
First - I LOVE this picture... Artistic in a way :-)
Second - I love the combination of colors (again, with my counterfeit kit of April - I hope you're not bored of me using the same papers all over again)...
Third - the embellishments are all stickers, including the title in 2 different fonts...

The story of the picture: We went to the swimming pool (summer of 2010) - for swimming class: Yaara, as a student, and my mother, as the teacher (this is what she does for her living)... I can't remember why Mor didn't join the class that day but we waited together and she played... While she was playing, I played with my camera :-)

Sketch was inspired by April 1st sketch @ Stuck Sketches.

Other layouts from the same kit (9th layout is pretty impressive to me! I'm proud):

These are the other 2 layouts created with this kit:

What do you think?
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Friday, April 19, 2013

New Double layout: Fun after the dentist...

Double layout, using my April counterfeit kit...
Yaara had 2 cavities and had a dentist appointment to fill them up... We tried it before and she was too afraid - so this time I told her that if she'll be brave enough to have the appointment - we'll do something fun together (instead of school) - just us both...
I guess it was attractive enough, and though she was terrified - she was sitting on top of me for the whole time - but it was done... 
We went by train to Tel Aviv, shopped for clothes, ate @ McDonalds and came home... Fun? :-)

If we count it as 2 layouts, it's already the 7th & 8th layouts done with this kit. Here are the other, so far:

And close-ups:

What do you think? :-)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New card: Mazal Tov

Another simple card, with blue as main color...
I was inspired by sketch 236 @ Clean & Simple stamping.

Papers, as in this card, from my April counterfeit kit...

What do you think? :-)
I like the clean & simple designs the most!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Card: 4U...

Unscripted Sketches are celebrating 4...
They have a new challenge / drawing for winners: it includes a sketch (surprise? LOL) and extra drawing if using the number or word 4 - four...
Since I was asked to create cards for men, I took this stamping bella dude, with blue as primary color, added yellow and few more "extras" (bakers twine, circle with greeting...) and the card is ready...

Here's the previous card with April's counterfeit kit, and here's the latest layout (4 other are already linked there)

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New layout: Social Justice...

Back in summer 2011 there was a large social protest in Israel. The cost of living became higher and higher and the middle-class / working-class protested in order to try to make life easier... Many Israelis were living in tents in the center of the cities as part of the protest...
Yaara & Mor, during the summer vacation, asked me to build them a tent in the living room... They were very happy to feel a part of the protest (even though the air-condition worked non-stop, and we were in our home and not in the street, etc...) :-)

The layout was inspired by April sketchbook challenge, using my April counterfeit kit (same elements: colorful brads, splatter of inks, different types of fonts...
Other layouts using the kit:

What do you think?
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

New card: For You...

I created few cards using my April counterfeit kit..
Although the use of papers in this specific card is very limited - the few scraps were from the kit :-)
The sketch is from CAS(e) this sketch #23.
I was asked to create cards for men, so I chose blue colors and star as main shape... Stripes of fabric tapes - doodle frame, and the card is ready...

What do you think?

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

New layout: Happy Holiday

Another picture that was taken a year ago: On Passover eve. It became a traditional picture for us - a moment before going to celebrate with the family - we take a picture, when we all dressed "fancy" (our way of fancy)...
The sketch was inspired by Unscripted Sketch #205, again with splash of inks, brads, and the "cornered" angles...
5th layout with the counterfeit kit of April:

Appreciate your comments :-)
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Friday, April 12, 2013

New layout: Bicycle Riders...

Another layout I created using my April counterfeit kit (I like this kit! the colors and variety of layouts I created so far using it...): 
The picture was taken last year - Oren and the girls took their bicycles and rode in the parking lot...
Again, as with previous layouts, I sprayed and drifted ink all around :-)

These are the other 2 layouts created with this kit:

Appreciate your comments :-)
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New layout: Mor = Doll

Another layout using my April counterfeit kit:
This one with Mor's pictures... Posing, like Yaara usually does... She looks like a doll to me :-) 
Surprisingly - I found it fun playing with glimmer & inks - I think it's one of this month's motifs...
For this layout I also cut the silhouette of the dress - which seems perfect here :-)

These are the other 2 layouts created with this kit:

So... what do you think?

As always, thanks for visiting!
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