Friday, April 19, 2013

New Double layout: Fun after the dentist...

Double layout, using my April counterfeit kit...
Yaara had 2 cavities and had a dentist appointment to fill them up... We tried it before and she was too afraid - so this time I told her that if she'll be brave enough to have the appointment - we'll do something fun together (instead of school) - just us both...
I guess it was attractive enough, and though she was terrified - she was sitting on top of me for the whole time - but it was done... 
We went by train to Tel Aviv, shopped for clothes, ate @ McDonalds and came home... Fun? :-)

If we count it as 2 layouts, it's already the 7th & 8th layouts done with this kit. Here are the other, so far:

And close-ups:

What do you think? :-)

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