Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stamping project - summary

24 cards in less than 30 days :-)
I had a lag - I didn't post anything for more than a week during July, which caused this gap, and not reaching my goal of 30 in 30...
OK, so this is the summary post of Netanella's stamping project - motivating us to use our stamps. And I think I did...
Some of the cards were not yet published, and will be, soon.
Thank you Netanella.com for this fun project!

You can click the pictures and see better :-)

From left to right:
4. it's a girl
6. grrrrr
7. make a wish
8. happy birthday
9. mazal tov

From left to right:
1. flower
3. heart
4. boo
5. it's a girl
6. mazal tov

From left to right:
1. happy birthday
2. grrrrr
4. heart
6. party

I appreciate your comments :-)
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