Sunday, October 07, 2012

Passover 2011 layout

After I chose the papers to my first counterfeit kit I created this layout, thinking about the 5th challenge of the new Israeli blog - 'Yotzot'. Where do you get your inspiration from...? I think I get inspired mostly from my everyday life... Sometimes I find myself taking pictures and thinking of the layout / papers / concept of  using these pictures to document our life in a way we would love to remember...
Anyway - this picture was taken on Passover eve 2011. The "famous song" Ma Nishtana? (what has changed) - I have a lot of things to say about it... It brings up many memories, not so good... Since I was the youngest child (and the youngest has to sing it - ask the questions) - I remember being stressed weeks before, trying to think how can I avoid it, trying to convince my brother to sing a long with me... Always thought I don't want to "make this show".
Now, as a mother, with 2 girls that LOVE to perform (every Friday eve they sing and dance to my parents) - I don't think they suffer from it, but I try to understand each and every time if they do it because they "must" or because they want to...

About the layout: I messed-up the title a little, didn't calculate the required space... oops
I added the butterflies - matching the same position on the papers - as a symbol for freedom (one of Passover's names).
I sewed (using my Sew Easy) the papers to each other - to add texture and interest to the page...

I appreciate your comments!
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