Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New layout: Ready, Set, Go!

Another private sketch challenge, by Zehavit (like the Corn layout). This time, the extra challenge was not to use washi tape.
The truth is that this sketch was real challenge for me. After cutting the pictures I tried to twist it, turn it, try to do something, and then I quit. It didn't feel right...
I thought maybe I should create a card.... But that didn't work too...
So I waited a few days and then started to build this layout - and I'm surprisingly happy with the result :-)

Another use of my counterfeit kit (same for: Nice To Meet, KiteCornTwist Car) - this time I used my I-Top, which I haven't used for a long time, in order to create the big brad - it reminded me of the flair post they had over there...

This is the sketch:

 And my layout:

What do you think?
Would LOVE to read your comments :-)


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