Monday, July 22, 2013

New layout: My Loves

Long time...
I have a really good excuse :-)
I gave birth to my little girl 3 months (+ a day) ago.
It was amazing & crazy at the same time.
The last 3 months were intensive - getting to know the new baby, named: Koren. We started to get into some kind of routine, and then the summer-break began (July 1st) so I ended up entertaining Yaara (9) + Mor (7) while Koren is getting used to the world. I think challenging is the best description.
Having said that - I started to create! Yay!
This is the 3rd layout created in the last few days (but 1st to post) - because of "Tu Be'Av".
I took this picture ~3 weeks ago. I have a similar picture I took almost 7 years ago: Yaara, Mor & myself... Now I took a picture of the 3 of them - my loves, my heart!

The layout is (sort of) scraplifting of the layouts here
And here's my layout:

Thanks for visiting!
Would love to read your comments :-)


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